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Center Console Hinge Oiling Points

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A brief pictoral regarding the correct oil points for the center console hinge.

Let's Get Started

This image shows the center console with the lid in the upright position. The black hinge in the center is not your typical hinge. In addition to rotating, it also lifts the lid when opened.

This image zooms in on the hinge. Note that you will need to oil the pins on both the front and rear ends.

This image zooms in on the front end of the hinge. You can see the heads of the pins in this image.

The arrows in this image point to the places where you should place a small drop of oil using a precision oiling tool.





Repeat procedure on rear pins of hinge. Open and close lid several times to work the oil into the pins. Wipe off any excess oil.

The information in this "Do It Yourself" article were provided by Corvette Accessories Unlimited, LLC, and the original page can be found here.  They have been re-posted here with permission.

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