Installing Rear Euros

The rear Euro light mod. is a very distinctive and popular upgrade. Two choices exist - red on top and clear on the bottom (known as red/clear) and red on top and amber on the bottom (known as red/amber). This DIY article shows you how to quickly and easily install the assemblies and custom wiring harness to make them function with the car's turn signals.

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Parts and tools needed

  • Four tail light assemblies
  • Custom wiring harness with bulbs
  • A torx T15 driver
  • A wire cutter

The Installation

  1. Begin by removing all four lamp assemblies with your T15 driver and placing them aside. Leave the bulbs hanging out as shown here:
  2. Feed the new wiring harness (connector end) through the rightmost assembly hole, and note where the factory harness disappears between the frame rail and fiberglass. Pull the rest of the harness through and place the far end on the left side of the car inside the rear fascia.
  3. Lie under the passenger side muffler, and look near where the axle pipe goes into the muffler. There's a heat shield above the muffler and you will see a connector strapped to the car as shown in these two views:
  4. Unplug the factory harness from the connector and plug in your new custom harness. Then plug the factory harness into the appropriate location on the new custom harness:
  5. Feed the new harness into the same location as the factory harness - it should stay in place with friction alone. Ensure that there is no possibility of the harness coming into contact with the exhaust muffler or it may melt!
  6. Back on top of the car, carefully place the new harness right on top of the old one, and place it so that the bulb locations are in the same position as the factory bulb locations.
  7. Plug the new harness bulbs into the lower position of your new tail light assemblies and the factory bulbs into the upper position. Let them sit in place (do not screw them in yet) so you can test them in a minute.
  8. Under the dash, drop down the lower closeout panel which contains a small light. It's right under the steering column and is retained by two push-in retainers. Remove the retainers and lower the front portion of the panel.
  9. Look for a small white connector that has an orange, blue, and white wires coming from it and cut the white wire:
  10. Turn on your lights and make sure the red upper portion of the rear lights is illuminated.
  11. Turn the ignition to "On" and put a turn signal on. Check to make sure the lower portion (clear or amber, depending on your selection) blinks with the turn signal.
  12. Once you are sure it works, go back and carefully use tie straps to secure the new harness to the factory harness.
  13. Carefully reinstall the torx screws to secure all four rear assemblies.
  14. You're done! Now you have a nice looking rear end that is safer and more functional than GM gave you.

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